Administering Medical Cannabis

Vaporizing or smoking cannabis is a popular way for patients to ingest medicine. Some patients find that ingesting cannabis in different ways other than vaporizing or smoking suits their needs and improves their symptoms best. Compassionate Sciences™ ATC offers alternative methods of administration to patients in a topical and sublingual form, as well as providing patients with detailed instructions on how to make cannabis infused edibles with CSATC extracts and other products. CSATC carries Lozenges, which allow patients to sublingually ingest cannabis. Our Topical Oil can be added to other essential oils and applied topically for localized relief. We also carry cannabis infused Cocoa Butter that can be applied topically or used as a butter alternative in cooking recipes.
For patients who want to make their own cannabis infused foods or treats, CSATC provides high quality cannabis flower or vape mix that patients can infuse into their desired food. In addition, CSATC carries a recipe book that patients are encouraged to look through to find a recipe that fits their needs.