Concerns Regarding The Supply of Hemp Based CBD from Sources Outside of The New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program

Recently, some of our patients have been exploring other sources of CBD and trying new Hemp-based products. It’s important to be aware that Hemp-based CBD is not always what it claims to be. Our major concern with the supply of Hemp based CBD from sources outside of the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program (MMP) is that these sources do not adhere to the same rigorous growing and testing criteria of the New Jersey MMP, and may be exposing already suffering patients to harmful chemicals or pesticides. 

Sources of CBD from industrial hemp raises multiple concerns. Industrial hemp is not restricted in the use of pesticides and fertilizers as New Jersey medical cannabis is. Hemp, a known bioaccumulator, will absorb and collect these contaminants that can cause serious health problems if ingested. Also, companies producing these CBD products may purchase hemp from sources outside the U.S. further raising health concerns if these products are safe for patients to consume. The state of New Jersey tests all of the medical marijuana products produced in the state for consumption, and these outsourced CBD products are not tested within the state criteria.