Grown in New Jersey for New Jersey


Curaleaf first opened its doors in October 2015 (originally as Compassionate Sciences Alternative Treatment Center), and since then has devoted its resources to advocating for patients in New Jersey and growing the local economy. Now Curaleaf, which started in New Jersey, has grown to 12 states and is recognized as an industry leader and a trusted consumer brand.


The company has invested over $20 million into industrial development properties, while exclusively hiring local construction teams and employees to manage the renovations that create hundreds of local area jobs. These jobs and investments become economic drivers that stimulate a responsible, compliant and sustainable industry that helps residents improve their quality of life. 


Curaleaf has proactively worked with government and community leaders including the NJ State Department of Health, the State Senate, the General Assembly, the Mayor and Town Councilmembers for the borough of Bellmawr, and other public officials to encourage increased accessibility and affordability of high grade medical cannabis products. 


Curaleaf  fully supports the recommendations of Commissioner Elnahal to create the Division of Medicinal Marijuana that will:


  • Help patients reduce dependency and reliance on opioids
  • Reduce patient and caregiver registration fees
  • Expand the categories of qualifying patients and caregivers eligible for reduced fees
  • Allow satellite locations for original ATC’s for cultivation, manufacturing and dispensing of medicinal marijuana
  • Eliminate the physician registry
  • Establish protections for physicians
  • Streamline the process for additional debilitating conditions
  • Establish authority in the Commissioner to review conditions
  • Eliminate psychiatric evaluations of minors
  • Expand caregivers per patient from one to two
  • Eliminate the 10 percent limit on the amount of THC in usable medicinal marijuana
  • Create an endorsement system for ATC permits
  • Add oil formulations to the list of allowable products
  • Establish standards for the cultivation of organically certified medicinal marijuana


Curaleaf  will continue to invest significant resources in providing a larger variety of affordable medicinal products including flower, extracted oils, edibles, vapes, lozenges, transdermal patches, capsules, tinctures and many other products as allowed by regulations.  


We are working with various opinion leaders in the insurance sector to consider ways to have medicinal marijuana covered by health insurance.


We are working with various opinion leaders in the banking sector to allow for the use of credit cards for easier access and settlement of your purchase.


By managing the entire production process – from seed to sale – in the state of New Jersey, Curaleaf is able to ensure that it sells the highest quality, reliable and safe medical cannabis to our patients.


An industry leader and trusted resource, Curaleaf has changed the lives of thousands of Jerseyites in need.  


George Schidlovsky

President, Curaleaf New Jersey