New CSATC Dispensary Update

In anticipation of the expanding medical market and the approval of chronic pain by the NJ DOH, the new expanded CSATC dispensary is will have more of a contemporary feeling and is designed to improve patient access, reduce waiting times and improve overall patient experiences when visiting the facility.

The new dispensary will have improved entrance flow with a separate entrance and exit to reduce congestion at the entry point. The vestibule will comfortably hold upwards of 25 people and will contain an accessible consultation room and bathroom for public use without having to enter the dispensary itself. There will be a two-person admission counter for more convenient check-ins. The dispensary will also be fitted with nine point-of-sale locations with over-head menus to minimize wait times. All of these features, as well as others, were designed to make patients’ visits easier and more comfortable. We plan to open the doors to the new location at the end of April, 2018.