New Product Available: 5:5 Oil

Our 5:5 Oil — with a balanced cannabinoid ratio – includes equal parts of THC and CBD. The 5:5 Oil has a balanced cannabinoid profile that promotes homeostasis through the endocannabinoid system. This product is ideal for those who are sensitive to high THC products. It provides little or no euphoric feeling while offering the medicinal benefits of THC and CBD.

1/8 oz. container:

Contains 2 syringes, each syringe contains 0.35 grams of medicine
17.5 doses / syringe
Each dose = 2 marked graduated units on syringe (5mg THC / 5mg CBD)
Total: 175mg of THC / 175mg CBD

What patients are saying:
“The 5:5 Oil has been a life-changer for me. I don’t want to be medicated to the point that I can’t function but I need serious relief from chronic pain. High CBD strains work for me, but I’ve been waiting for a concentrated form that is easier to use. This is it for me. When vaporized, it’s extremely helpful for pain and anxiety, and I’m able to participate in a normal daily routine without feeling overly medicated. Thank you, CS!”

– Margaret, 43 years old, Gloucester County