Product Highlights: Three Extracts for Symptom Relief

CSATC carries three pharmaceutical and food grade extracted products. Each contain a precise dose of THC and CBD. These non-smoking forms of can be administered in a variety of ways for patients to find symptom relief.


CSATC Cannabis Topical Oil


Cocoa Butter Lotion
Patients use our lotion topically for localized relief. They also use it as an ingredient in their cooking recipes.


Our Sweetened Lozenges come in a variety of tasty flavors. Patients place them underneath their tongue to dissolve in  5-10 minutes. Patients also dissolve them in their drinks to ingest their medicine through their beverage. Lozenges are available in diabetic versions.


Topical Oil
Our Topical Oil can be added to other essential oils and applied topically. This oil can also be added to food recipes with little or no change to the original recipe.

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