New Product Now Available: Spearmint Lozenge

The Spearmint Lozenge – the perfect micro-dose – is our first product produced with distilled oil, and patients have noticed the difference! With virtually no cannabis taste, this product brings a breath of fresh air to New Jersey’s patients. Dissolving a single Spearmint Lozenge under the tongue is a great way to discreetly micro-dose; two can be taken to receive a full 10mg THC and 1mg CBD dose

1/8 oz. container:

Contains 70 individual Lozenge tablets
Each tablet is a single dose containing 5mg THC / .5mg CBD
Total: 350mg THC / 35mg CBD


What patients are saying:
“When you open the container, you can tell that these are going to taste like a mint. For me, one lozenge was the perfect dose, giving me relief from pain and other symptoms. I didn’t feel a sense of euphoria, but when I took two I found the feeling very comparable, if not stronger than the normal lozenges. I recommend this product to anyone who is looking to medicate without the taste of cannabis and to those who are looking to conserve medicine and micro-dose.”

– Jim, 32 years old, Mercer County